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Friday, May 28, 2010

Gays in the Military, again...

Whoo boy. Here we go again, except this time it looks like a done deal. The House, according to Ben Smith, has approved the appeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", and it looks as if the Senate AND the JCS will roll over and do the same.

Wait, wait, wait. Aren't the reasons the same as last time for not having gays in the military openly? Aren't the same reasons about morale and scorn from our enemies, especially the jihadists, still the same? What has changed?

Simple. With a vehemently 1970's classical liberal like B.O. in the White House, and a huge liberal majority in Congress, the gay-lesbian lobby will have its way. They will have approval of their aberrant lifestyle rammed down our throats, whether we like it not. "Open wide for Chunky", as the old ad used to say... So much for liberal tolerance.

The only things liberals tolerate when they are in power is their view. Free discussion and disagreement is discouraged, or shouted down. Nothing is so intolerant as a liberal in power. 1917 and the Bolshevik Revolution should have taught us that. Mao taught us that. All of the left-wing movements that have been successful in transforming themselves into socialist governments have been intolerant of dissent. Hmmm.... that's interesting.

How much damage can this policy do? Very much, I'm afraid. Aside from the recruiting angle, which may be be hurt, as "straight" guys don't want to shower with homosexuals, our enemies, especially the Jihadists, will be further emboldened and will pour more scorn upon us. They will use this as further evidence of the moral depravity of the West. This will, no doubt, aid them in their efforts to find other disaffected, unemployed young men to blow themselves up for Allah. I always find it interesting that none of those middle-aged Jihadist leaders want to die for Allah...

How many times must we learn the same lesson? History is instructive. It will teach us, if we will allow it. Repression and totalitarianism must be resisted on every front, or we will be enslaved.

Weakening our military is a good place to start. When we begin tinkering with our most solid institution, the U.S, Military, our decline is sure. Has anyone noted the U.S.' parallels with ancient Rome? Our political system is corrupt, our religious base in becoming more and more diluted, and we look to the military as a source of stability. It was the same for Rome and look what happened to them.

Wow, that's scary. Pray for this country...

-Fr. Stephen