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Sunday, September 9, 2018


            All flesh is grass, says the Word
            It withers and dries, only to be cast in fire
            Earthly pomp is illusion
            Powerlessness our native state
            Yet, we strive, we wrest and struggle
            Thinking only of our gain.

            What of strength?  What of beauty?
            Surely these don’t pass away?
            Sadly, there is no quarter
            All fall under the axe of time.

            Yet, our weakness is strength,
            Focused through the proper lens
            “I am with you, I am with you”
            Says the Lamb of Calvary.

            What is life but tribulation?
            All seems such futility
            Yet in Him all is glory
            Offered to the Perfect One.
            Trinity, 2018

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